Gregory P. Muzzillo founded Proforma in 1978 with a college friend. Within one year, the business they started with $200 grew to $250,000 and its client base to more than 300. By 1982, sales reached $1 million and Proforma was named in successive years to Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies - the only company in the business forms industry named to the list twice. 

To continue Proforma's rapid growth, Muzzillo developed the Proforma franchise model in 1986 - a network of independent distributors working together to build marketing clout and strong supplier relationships. This model proved successful, as Proforma, now in its fourth decade, has grown to a $500 million organization.

 In 2010 Edward Martin started Proforma Media & Print Solutions out of New Braunfels, TX. Today Edward and his team have a local presence and help customers throughout every major city in Texas and New Mexico. 

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